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Rent Review

Securikey are a leading supplier of safes, key safes, padlocks and other security products. Established in 1973, Securikey ( has been a trusted partner to many UK companies and institutions.

The Company occupies a large business unit in Aldershot, extending to 12,500sq.ft. (1161 sq.m.).  As with many leases, the rent review pattern is five yearly and Securikey have sought the advice of Collins and Jarvis as their professional representation at the past rent review and lease renewal.

At each rent review and lease renewal, Collins and Jarvis has examined the lease, the property and, most importantly of all, the surrounding estate.  The purpose is to build up a detailed schedule of comparable evidence in the vicinity.  In this way, each rent on the estate was presented to the client and budget rents were estimated with a high degree of accuracy.  Negotiations with the landlords’ agent followed.  Because of the preparations made, the client could be sure that the final settlement was the very best available in the market at that time, equal to or better than any contemporary rent on the estate, as well as saving management time (and anxiety) by delegating the matter.

Companies often find that if they don’t take advice, they cannot be sure that the offer from the landlord truly represents market value.  Advice to tenants: Do not sign off on deals that offer even modest rent increases without taking advice.  Given that most rent reviews are “upwards only”, even small increases can add up – as well has having a direct (if not immediate) corresponding effect on the Business Rates assessment.


“Securikey has used the services of Collins and Jarvis for a good number of years, they have handled rent our reviews and have also

negotiated some favourable terms for a lease renewal.  We have always found them to be professional, friendly and helpful and

they always keep us informed of any developments in a timely manner.  I have no hesitation in recommending Collins and


Liz Scott, Financial Director, Securikey Ltd